Is Corn Brain Food?

Is Corn Brain Food?
Is Coney Island corn-on-the-cob brain food? Dunno, but I DO know that all original content herein is copyrighted by Vincent Collazo. Namaste.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Embracing Escape

Though she's gone I am continuing my tradition of writing a poem or song for Heather on Christmas/Solstice, Valentine's Day, our Anniversary, and for her birthday. Here's the poem I wrote for Heather last month for Valentine's Day. 

Embracing Escape

You jumped into my future
our pasts irrelevant
a single word
the coup d’├ętat
harbinger to
a present
that can’t
keep pace

how many times a day
do you glide by my bed?
my eyes unfailingly
fall prisoner
to your gait, your grace
the little stop & shake
for my benefit—
except for the fact
of matter
such beauty is not possible

how shall we spend our time together?
when in another’s arms
I do not think of you
which is strange and good
but accompany me to a place
no one else knows of
and tell me your secrets

here and not
describes us both
I embrace escape
and so avoid
the void
place ornate embellishment
upon your memory
evade reality

our lips no longer meet
and bodies are apart
walk with me through my days
come to me in dreams
In our kitchen, November 2007
hide me in your aura
fulfill my daily need for you
and whisper it’s not greed

—with inter-dimensional love,
Vinny 2/14/11

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